Financial assistance:

The Foundation cannot work in isolation and needs to draw on the community support. Cost of holding camps, awareness programs, counselling sessions, and the entire HLA Testing is borne by the Foundation. Your financial assistance to the Foundation will go towards our endeavor to save lives. Your financial gift can help more patients with blood cancers/disorders or other life-threatening diseases in providing care and support services they need. It will also aid adding donors to Registry, which is of utmost importance. The cure for blood cancer is in the hands of esteemed people like you. Help us try and save a life and give care to the needy.


You can show your support in the following ways:
Students: arrange awareness camps at places where we can get a captive audience and arrange a registration process. Fund raising so that people can take the HLA test
Corporate Houses: Aid with awareness camps, create a bank of people who want to be part of the registry, sponsor a test, and make a monetary contribution.
Volunteers: we need people to help us spread the world and run a cohesive volunteers programme. Sharing your time is a very valuable contribution.

Change this attempt into a force so that many people can be saved the journey that Arjan Vir had to undertake and that we as a family had to watch – helplessly.